Best Fabric for Tshirts

In summer days, everyone wants to wear something comfortable which actually suits them and help their body to breath properly. Cotton stands out as the best fabric for tshirts in summers because its natural fibers provides better air circulation and helps to keep our body cool in the best possible manner. In this blog we are going to find out that why cotton is best fabric for tshirts-

What is Cotton fabric??

Cotton fabric originates from the fibers surrounding the seeds of cotton plants, which emerge in a round, fluffy formation once the seeds are mature. The earliest evidence for the use of cotton fibers in textiles is from the Mehrgarh and Rakhigarhi sites in India, which date to approximately 5000 BC.

How cotton produced?


It is produced from cotton plant species of hibiscus. Cotton seeds are planted in spring into green and bushy shrubs.


This fiber will contain full cellulose and can contain a minor percentage of waxes, fats, pectins, and water.

Why cotton liked by everyone?

Cotton is soft natural fiber with its features like:

  •  Comfortability
  •  Durability
  • Odour-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Versatility
  • Sustainability
  • Low maintenance
  • Better sleep with cotton

  • Types of cotton fabric :-

          1. Brushed cotton :- This is 100% cotton fabric which is brush from one or both side to make it more fluffy, soft, breathable, comfortable and smooth finish.

    1. Egyptian cotton :- This cotton is the silkiest cotton. It gives quality by its softness and durability. It is luxurious and use for making bedsheets. 


          3. Cotton twill :-  It has weave pattern that make by placing diagonal lines in the fabric and this is durable. Its is used for making linen, denim, and gabardine . 

      1. Cotton jersey :-  This fabric is flexible and elastic with high stretchability . It is knitted fabric used for making  tshirts , underwear , sportswear and dresses. 

      1. Linen :- It is mixed cotton fabric with blend of 50% linen and  50% cotton . This is soft and light weighted fabric . Linen needs ironing after every wash as it creases easily .  Linen fabric is type of branded fabric.

      1. Sateen :- It is a luxurious fabric which have smooth and lustrous surface . It look like silk but made from cotton . 

      1. Poplin :- This is made from 100% cotton fiber with plain-weave whidh is light weight and smooth. 

      1. Cheese cloth :- this is soft and loosely weaven fabric and it has rough texture with crinkled appearance . Usually this fabric is used for blouse , shirts and skirt.

      1. Lycra :- Lycra is also known as Spandex and elastane . Lycra contain polyether- polyurea copolymer with high breathability and extra stretchability . It is most commonly used in underwear, socks , bra , bike shorts , gym pants . 

      1. Terrycloth :-  Called by various name ( terry cotton, terry toweling) . Its has capacity of absorbing large amount of water . It is woven with different number of threads that have two beams of longitudinal warp which can absorb large amount of water . This are most commonly used for bathrobes and towels.

      1. Polyster :- polyster is the composite of polymer compounds with the ester functional group. It is a synthetic fabric used by almost every customer . This fabric is durable , moisture-wicking, wrinkle resistant and easy to carry . Polyester should be avoided in hot summer as it is combination of plastic fiber and cotton both .

      1. Mattycota :- It is fabric which is used almost in every household . Matty is made up of cotton or polyster . It is customizable, stronger and dry faster than 100% cotton . It is used for sofa cover , cushions cover.

      Which fabric is used for which type of shirt or t-shirt:-


      1 Brushed cotton: This is used for the casual shirts. This is best for the cold weather as it is warmth from inside 

      2 Broadcloth: This is used for the Formal shirts. It is medium weight soft sheen fabric .

      3 Crossweave: This fabric is used for the Casual wear . Different color thread used weaven together to create a multicolored fabric . 

      4 Cotton Lawn: This is used for the summer blouse .  It is lightweight , semitransparent fabric .

      5 Poplin: This fabric gives the formal look. This is a crisp fabric with very small ribs and subtle sheen. 

      6 Sateen: This fabric also gives Formal look . It has a smooth surface and dull sheen.


      Cotton fabric is used in almost every type of tshirts like polo tshirt, Vneck tshirt , basic crewnecks, and Henley shirts . This is also used in other garments like skirts , dresses, jacket , shorts , etc due to its softness , comfortability, and breathability which creates cotton is best fabric for tshirts mostly in summers.

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