How to style oversized t shirt

Different tips of styling t-shirts for different occasion

Here are some combo for styling your outfit with t-shirt:-

❖ T-shirt and jeans combo
❖ T-shirt and denim shorts
❖ T-shirt and trousers
❖ T-shirt and cotton shorts
❖ T-shirt and lower
❖ T-shirt and skirt
❖ T-shirt and capri
❖ T-shirt and open shirt and jeans
❖ T-shirt with blazer

For which purpose we can wear T-shirt ->

❖ For shopping
❖ For business or work purpose
❖ For lunch and dinner
❖ For evening date
❖ For adventures
❖ For traveling

For Shopping →

1) Classic jeans and t-shirt combo.
2) Sneakers or sports shoes you can wear with this combo.
3) One more combo is loose t-shirt with joggers with sporty sneakers.

● For business or work purpose →
1) T-shirt under a blazer with formal pants.
2) Tuck the t-shirt under the pant.
3) Wear formal shoes.


● For lunch and dinner →
1) T-shirt tucked under the flowy skirt
2) T-shirt wear under lightwear jacket
3) T-shirt with denim shorts and sports shoes it will give a stylish look


 ● For evening date →

1) Silk skirt with crop T-shirt for girls.
2) Leather jacket with T-shirt for boys.
3) Blazer with T-shirt.


● For adventure →
1) T-shirt with joggers.
2) T-shirt with cargo pants with boots and sneakers.
3) T-shirt tucked in with shorts for comfort.
4) In adventure, comfortable outfits need to be style.

For different season different pattern t-shirt should wear : - 

  1. In Summer season :

 In the summer season , t-shirts of light color should be  worn like white,sky blue,baby pink which will reduce the heat .
            T-shirts should be loose for comfort.
            T-shirts look nice with sunglasses,hats,and sandals.
            Footwear can be strappy sandals or lightweight shoes.
            Cotton t-shirts are more preferred to be worn in summer.


  1. In Winter season :

In winter,hoodies and sweatshirts are more likely to wear as it protects from winter and provides warmth .
            They can be worn on jeans ,joggers.
            Shoes are the best for footwear.
            Full sleeves T-shirts with cap are also looking cool for the new generation.


  1. In Rainy season :

Rainy season is the season of colors ,so when we wear colorful t-shirts it seems attractive and matches the greenery environment .
Tie and dye t-shirts look so pretty in the rainy season .
You can wear a t-shirt on jeans,skirt,shorts with sport shoes or sandals.

The accessories you can have with  t-shirts:-
➢ Scarves
➢ Necklaces
➢ Belts
➢ Waist bag
➢ Hat
➢ Watch
➢ Goggles
➢ Handbag

The footwear you can have with your T-shirt outfit:-
➢ Boots
➢ Sandals
➢ Slippers
➢ Sports shoes
➢ Heels
➢ Sneakers


Types of t-shirts:-
Oversized t-shirts
➢ Crop t-shirt
➢ Regular fit t-shirt
➢ Body fit t-shirt
➢ Polo t-shirt
➢ V-neck t-shirt

# Different tips for t-shirt outfit :

  1. You should properly mix and match the color combination of the t-shirts and its combo like jeans ,shoes which can increase the value of an outfit and give you a more smart look.
  2. The accessory which you wear with your outfit will play an important role.Unnecessary accessory will diminish your outfit.
III.  Wear your outfit according to the occasion along with accessories and footwear.
  1. Wear the t-shirt according to your body shape.
  2. Pair your t-shirt by paying attention how it pairs with other pieces in your outfit.Tucking in
             or out can change the silhouette and add interest.


Some different outfit combination for different look

  1. Casual Look ->

  •   For Classic Look,your outfit can be a plain T-shirt with simply high-waisted denim jeans.
  •   Accessories can be brown belts, wristwatches, and sneakers.
  •   It can be worn on normal occasions(  everyday, casual outings).


  1. Casual Chic look ->

  • For Classic Chic Look,your outfit can be a graphic t-shirt with an open denim shirt.
  • Bottom can be black skinny fit jeans .
  • Footwear can be sneakers.
  • Accessories can be a long pendant necklace and a crossbody bag.
  •     It can be worn on weekends ,lunch and dinner. 


  1. Office look  ->

  • For Office Look ,T-shirts should be dark colored tucked in formal trousers
  • Structured blazer is complementary .
  • Footwear are pointed-toe flats or loafer.
  • No unnecessary accessories will have only a watch and small earrings are considered.
  • It is suitable for the office environment ,official meetings.


  1. Relaxed Look ->

  • Outfit will be an oversized t-shirt with baggy pants.
  • Footwear can be sneakers or clogs.
  • Accessories can be cap,sunglasses.
      ● It is the best outfit for traveling and adventure.
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