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Sizes of T-shirt

Basically, there are many sizes of t-shirt available in the market where people can choose and buy their perfect fit. But people started to adapt different sizes of t-shirt according to the ongoing trend of wear plus size t-shirt more. 
In order to understand about different sizes of T-shirt, here this chart will provide you brief knowledge about different sizes which are as follows:
  • Different size chart of T-shirt :

                Xs | S | M | L | Xl | XXL | XXXL

Size Length  Chest Shoulder Sleeve open  Sleeve length 
Xs 25 36 15 5 7
26 38 16 5.5 7.5
M 27 40 17 6 8
L 28 42 18 6.5 8.5
Xl 29 44 19 7 9
XXL 30 46 20 7.5 9.5
XXXL 31 48 21 8 10



  • Size according to different region :
    • US
    • Uk
    • Europian           


  • Types of fit in T-shirt :


  1. Slim fit - It requires less fabric and it is more closer to body. Slim-fit T-shirts suit on men who are slim or average fit.
  2. Classic fit - It is not close to body as slim fit so it requires more cloth than it . It is comfortable and easy to wear. It is classic or regular fit that is wear by our father or grandfather.
  3. Loose fit - It is loose and relaxed fit. It can be wear by every type of person ( thin , fat, average) . Size is not standard as every company has different styles of loose-fit T-shirt.




  • How can we choose right size for our T-shirt :
  1. Use for measuring tape for measure chest, shoulder , waist and hips .
  2. Check the size chart provided by company of t-shirt compare your measurements. As every type of t-shirt have different size chart.
  3. Choose the fit which type of fit you want for your t-shirt like slim fit, loose fit etc .
  4. Check the customer review as it provide correct opinion about the size of that particular t-shirt.



  • Common issue in size choosing :


  • Sometimes, many of fabric shrink after wash so it become tight. Shrink depend on the fabric .
  • If the T-shirt is loose fit then tuck it into the side or back of the jeans.
  • We order the t-shirt in size of other brand and get size of another brand.
  • T-shirts that are too tight are cause of impaired blood flow that causes nerve damage.


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