“The physics behind your favorite T-shirt"

“The physics behind your favorite T-shirt"

It's a very confusing problem to know what to wear every day.

We wear clothes accordingly to the occasion, event, or something else that is done on that day.

And especially the T-shirt we would like you to wear every day.


T-shirt can be worn on:


  • Outdoor activities
  • While running
  • College
  • Home-wear
  • Informal gathering
  • Travelling 
  • Gym
  • In a formal meeting, by wearing a coat on it


Why we like to wear t-shirts:



  • It is comfortable.
  • Easy to wear
  • Keep cool on hot days.
  • Can be worn as inner or outer wear.
  • Durable
  • Trendy look


Factors depend on our favorite t-shirt:


Emotional attachment:  Some t-shirts have a strong attachment, like being gifted by someone special. I have a particular memory with this t-shirt, which looking beautiful and provides emotional comfort.


Choose a t-shirt for social significance : Some t-shirts give social identity, identify a specific group, and also convey messages to others.


Smell power of t-shirts: some t-shirts have a unique smell that we like so much, which is why we try to wear them repeatedly.


Brand-dependent: A particular brand of t-shirts has a reputation for comfort and durability, so customers like particular types of t-shirts.


Favorite color: T-shirt with our favorite color, which we like to wear most of the day.


Favorite pattern t-shirt: T-shirts have different types of patterns (polo, round neck, crop, v-neck), and different people have different choices of patterns in t-shirts.


Mood expressions: A bright and colorful t-shirt reflects your bright mood, while a dark color reflects an introspective mood.


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